-brunibrocat-® Cabrio Summer Silk Headscarf "Venice"

-brunibrocat-® Cabrio Summer Silk Headscarf "Venice"


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This extravagant eye catcher makes for an exciting addition to your -brunibrocat-® Cabrio Headscarf collection!

Cabrio Summer Silk Headscarf "Venezia" is made of high-quality, soft summer linen (70% viscose, 30% linen), framed by wild silk in crème (100% silk). 

Wild silk, also called raw silk, is an all-natural fibre used in high-end textile processing. It is characterised by a unique, somewhat irregular structure and an elegant iridescent sheen.

Linen is a wonderful fabric for summer as it’s breathable and cooling, making this scarf perfect for those top-down car rides in the sun.

  • Lightweight scarf
  • Best suited for hot, sunny days
  • Made in Germany

Care instructions: machine wash 30°C, delicates/easy care, use pressing cloth when ironing.

Shipping: 2-5 business days Germany, 4-7 business days Europe & International. Australia, Puerto Rico and USA: At this time, transport capacities are considerably reduced. Please expect delivery times of at least 30 days.