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Stylish & sensible: protect your head, hair, ears and neck from the elements with -brunibrocat-® Cabrio Headscarves

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Bruni Langenbach, the founder of -brunibrocat-®, explains how she conceived the idea of functional, yet stylish cabrio headscarves more than 14 years ago:

“Top-down car rides have been a great passion of mine for many years. I always feel like I am "sitting in a picture postcard" and love to bundle-up against the elements when riding in our Triumph TR 6.

Yet, in the very beginning of these outings, I kept looking for adequate head protection to cover my sensitive neck and ears properly and comfortably from the sun and wind.

I soon came up with the idea for a hooded cabrio headscarf. Originally designed with the help of a textile specialist, I created a convertible headscarf offering best in class wear properties thanks to its unique design and the use of high-quality fabrics.

Shaped like a cozy hood, -brunibrocat-® Cabrio Headscarves stay in place during even the windiest of car rides and supply warmth and protection. Soft, breathable fabrics including high-quality cotton made in Germany ensure wonderful next-to-skin comfort.

Each -brunibrocat-® Cabrio Headscarf is handmade in Germany with great care and attention to detail.

The name brunibrocat is a combination of my first name Bruni and the trademark brocade ribbon, which I sewed on all my creations for many years. Embroidered or woven brunibrocat labels have now replaced the brocade ribbons, while customers of the first hours will still remember the small brocade ornaments.

-brunibrocat-® is a registered trademark since 2009.

The -brunibrocat-® Cabrio Headscarf is an indispensable accessory, a so called "must-have" for the open-top driving lady: beloved for its style, appreciated for its function.”

In short: -brunibrocat-® Cabrio Headscarves are made for open-top driving!

Often copied, never bettered. 

It is my pleasure to be able to continue offering you these extraordinary convertible scarves as the new owner of -brunibrocat-®. Join me in looking forward to new editions of our popular scarves as well as new products by brunibrocat Fashion Ltd.!

Wishing you a well-protected open-top driving experience, always

sincerely yours,
Anna Langenbach