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Cabrio Headscarves

Made for open-top driving

Cabrio Summer Headscarves

Best suited for warm, sunny days

Silk Edition

Made of precious wild silk

Looking for a stylish headscarf that stays in place during your top-down car rides? Look no further, -brunibrocat-® has got you covered!

-brunibrocat-® Cabrio Headscarves feature a unique hood design combined with narrow closure ties to ensure a proper and very comfortable fit for as long as your ride lasts. 

Worried about messing up your hair? Thanks to our careful selection of high-quality fabrics and unique product design, our scarves shape around the head in a hood-like fashion without ruining your hairstyle.

Made in Germany: We are happy to be able to say that we only source high-quality fabrics from German vendors and make each scarf in Germany.

We hope you enjoy browsing our selection of -brunibrocat-® Cabrio Headscarves. Stay well-protected during your next top-down ride with our convertible scarves for all mild, warm and hot days of the year.